Lac Taureau provides the perfect getaway for families and couples to enjoy this winter wonderland with snow falling softly and picturesque landscapes. Enjoy snowshoeing with your family or your special someone on a couples retreat in the winter. There are many trails that will take you through the enchanted winter forests or you can be more adventurous and trek off the typical path for some outdoor fun like no other place you have been before.

We have a variety of snowshoe sizes available and this is one winter activity that is good for the entire family to enjoy some quality time outdoors in nature. Suit up and discover the true beauty of wilderness that Lac Taureau has to offer. There is a breathtaking panoramic viewpoint Lanaudière’s natural landscape so make sure your smartphone is fully charged up and ready to take some pictures for lasting memories of your fun family trip snowshoeing at Lac Taureau.

Snowshoeing is fun and easy, even for first timers. The first thing you will need is a good pair of snowshoes and we have them on-site ready for you to explore on top of snowy paths. If you are able to walk through snow then you are able to snowshoe like a pro. With the help of snowshoes you will find traversing across the snow covered landscape quite easy that you will be having soo much fun you will be able to enjoy your walk while taking in the sights.

When it comes to snowshoeing, many people say it is more about the journey than the destination and the surroundings at Lac Taureau will keep you interested with natural wild life and beautiful scenery that will foster a true appreciation for nature and winter in Quebec. You can even make things more interesting for the kids if you are traveling as a family and play some snowshoe games that are just that much more fun in the snow when you are wearing snowshoes such as Freeze Tag, Red Light Green Light, Sharks and Minnows. Your kids will likely already know some of these games and will truly enjoy themselves playing these classic games as a family.

Come and enjoy your family vacation in Quebec at Lac Taureau with a fully equipped condo rental in the beautiful nature wonderland with snowshoeing and many other activities for families, groups and couples.

Watch the videos below to learn more about snowshoeing and how easy it truly is along with some tips and tricks about different techniques so that you can snowshoe the first time like you’ve been doing it for years and years.